This evening
A stranger on the
Internet told me
That I should
Slit my wrists.
And since you hid
Behind a grey face
I will hide
Behind these words,
And tell you
That I was tempted
And I was terrified
That I would go ahead
And do as you said.
But I won’t
Because I won’t
Go back there
And I won’t
Wear a hospital bracelet
And I won’t
Make my mum find me
On the bathroom floor
And I won’t
Throw away everything
I’ve been working
So hard to reach
And everything
I am still working for.
But know that
I was tempted.
You could have been
The one to kill me.
M.S. (via coffee-crinkled-pages)
It is much easier
To write about
What you feel
Than what you don’t
And I guess
That’s why
I fear indifference
Above all else.
They call it
When you can
Look in the mirror
And not hate what you see.
I don’t hate what I see.
But I don’t like what I see.
I feel nothing,
No attachment
Towards myself.
I guess that it’s good
I don’t want to die
But I wouldn’t mind.
I really wouldn’t mind.
M.S. (via coffee-crinkled-pages)
I want to be the 7 am forehead kisses, the 9 am cuddles, the 10 am breakfasts. I want to be the 12 pm out to lunch and the 1 pm hugs from behind. I want to be the 3 pm naps together and the 4 pm giggles. I want to be the 6 pm dinners and the 7 pm desserts, in which we have a whipped cream fight. I want to be the 9 pm movies on HBO and the 10 pm yawns. I want the 11 pm snuggles and 12 pm heavy breathing. I want to be the 1 am wake ups to whisper “I love you,” and drift off to sleep. I want to be the 3 am, where you wake me up and we make love. I want to be the 4 am talk about anything and everything. And I want to do it all over again, everyday. I want to be your everything, your forever, your one and only.
I fucking miss you so much (via tohavescarlessskin)
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